Flight PIREP for SDAK006

Status: On Time
Date: 26-May-2015Flight Time: 01.39
Time Submitted: 10:15 GMTDistance: 387NM
Pilot in Command: Geoffrey De Kergariou Aircraft: B737-700 (B-73C2)
Departure APT: Glasgow (EGPF)Arrival APT:Amsterdam Airport Sc (EHAM)
Country: United Kingdom gbCountry: Netherlands nl
PAX/Cargo Units: 125Fuel Used: 7941.04kg
Status: Accepted Download:Download Google Earth Map
Points Rewards: 690 Points  PIREP Landing Rate Points Awarded for flight: SDAK006 With Landing Rate Of -55 ft/m (PIREP ID: 1586)

Log Details

Landing Rate: -55 ft/m Simrate Check: OK
Overspeed Detect: OK Stall Detect:OK
Slew Detect: OK Refuel Detect:OK
Total Condition: % (-%) Structural Condition: % (-%)
Engine Condition: % (-%) Gear Condition: % (-%)

Financial Data

Gross Revenue: € 112,500.00 (125 load / € 900.00 per unit)
Fuel Cost: € 40,499.30 (7941.04 fuel used @ 5.1 / unit)
Total: € 72,000.70

Flight Route

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