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Flight Dispatch

Real-world flight data driven flight calculation systems.


Flight Operations Center


Just Bid - Fly - file? Nope.

With our distinguised categories of flight operations, we stand out from the existing Virtual Airlines that just offer "Schedules". At Skydream Airlines, you have alot more than you have imagined

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Skydream Airlines is the first proud user of VADS (Virtual Airline Dispatch System). VADS is a flight calculation tool which automatically generates a flight dispatch with the given flight parameters via the pre-determined flight parameters. The System is updated once in every 30 days to keep track with the NAVDATA which is crucial for any flight operator.

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VADS - iCrewSystems

VADS & Simbreif - Flight Briefing


The VADS Flight briefing extracts data from live aviation data providers and calculates the numbers in accordance with the values given for our operating fleet by their manufaturers.

Since our web engineers are also real world pilots, they have used the exact algorithms to calculate the flight data to reproduce utmost realism.

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Skydream Airlines, is again the first of its kind to get a fully automated Voice Terminal Information Service of the published Aviation routine weather reports!

Our Pilots enjoy this feature the most.

The VADS - Wx Briefing Center also gives informations about the Airport in textual form. And Alot more »

VADS - WX Briefing

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